Training and preparation

Training and Preparation
Study the Phraseology section of the Czech VFR guide. Also, you need some flying experience and theoretical knowledge of Air Law, ATC procedures and Communications VFR before you start.
The training is done using Skype in the evenings on weekdays, sometimes in the week-end. From the second half of 2018 also on certain weekdays.

For the first part of the VFR training, we practice flights within PRAHA FIR, using the airfields/airports Karlovy Vary, Vodochody and Ruzne. I use the Cz VFR Manual and the students should study the PRASEOLOGY part of that VFR manual before the course and PRINT or download the pertinent CHARTS! They are free of charge. Get them from:    VFR Manual – Czech Republic
Also please study the course material you find here.