How to obtain your GROC-card

To obtain your ‘GROC-card (General Radiotelephone Operator’s Certificate) follow the next procedure:

Visit the CTU (Czech Telecommunication Office) in Praha ( // ) to file there the next documents:

1. Application Form
2. Foto copy of passport (only two-page opening with your photo)
3. Certificate of Air-Comms on passed R/T VFR exam
4. Color photograph (about passport-size, certain size is not specified)
5. State Fee: special stamps called like “kolki” on 400 CZK (approx. ~15 EUR) which can be bought at any Czech Post office before you go to CTU.

Then, if all documents are OK, the GROC-card will be issued in 3-4 weeks. CTU will call you on Czech mobile phone (to the number you entered in the application form) and you can receive it in the CTU office. Otherwise they send it to you by post (to the address you entered in the application form).

The GROC-card is valid for 5 years. Aftert the expiration, you can prolong it repeating the same procedure (I guess, excluding the Certificate of RT VFR).