Air-Comms as LAB

Air-Comms Training is a fully certified Language Assessment Body (NL-LAB-132) to conduct LPE examinations for pilots (PPL, CPL, ATPL) and air traffic controllers. The fact that we are fully certified means that Air-Comms Training assesses all levels up to and including ICAO level 6.

Air-Comms works together with English language companies that are specialised in aviation English, training as well as language assessment. Their language assessors are acknowledged by Dutch CAA as LPE language experts. Their experience includes LPE testing, English language proficiency (ELP) examinations for Ramp Inspectors, and language assessment of cabin and ground staff.

Just contact us for further information, or to make an appointment for an LPE exam. In general, we can plan an individual examination at short notice. Tests can be taken at various locations in the Netherlands.


Air-Comms also provides LPE tests for German pilots, or Dutch pilots with a German licence. German LBA usually accepts LPE certificates issued by Air-Comms, but do contact your national LBA to be absolutely sure.