LPE: ICAO regulations



The ICAO regulations (Annex 1) concerning the English LPE requirement state the following:

To meet the Language Proficiency Requirements contained in JAR-FCL 1.010(a)(4), an applicant for a license or a license holder shall demonstrate in a manner acceptable to the Authority the ability to:

a) communicate effectively in voice only (telephone/radiotelephone) and in face-to-face situations;

b) communicate on common and work-related topics with accuracy and clarity;

c) use appropriate communicative strategies to exchange messages and to recognize and resolve misunderstandings (e.g. to check, confirm or clarify information) in a general or work related context (= aviation);

d) handle successfully the linguistic challenges presented by a complication or unexpected turn of events that occur within the context of a routine work situation or communicative task with which they are otherwise familiar and

e) use a dialect or accent which is intelligible to the aeronautical community.

Where the Language assessment referred to above meets the requirements stated by Appendix 1 it may be used for the purpose of extending the radio telephony privileges in English.

The Language Proficiency shall be formally re-evaluated at intervals determined by the Authority . The recommended Language Proficiency re-evaluation intervals referred to in Appendix 1 should not exceed:

a) 4 years if the Language Proficiency level demonstrated is Operational level (level 4) of the ICAO Language Proficiency Rating or;

b) 6 years if the language Proficiency level is demonstrated is Extended Level (level 5) of the ICAO Language Proficiency Rating.

c) Permanently exempted if the language Proficiency level is demonstrated is Extended Level (level 6) of the ICAO Language Proficiency Rating.


Contact Netherlands CAA (ILenT.nl) or KIWA (kiwa.nl) for the latest requirements. There might be exceptions concerning your specific license, and regulations are liable to change.

For instance, the validity of LPE for air traffic controllers has changed: level 4 is now valid for 3 years, level 5 for 6 years, and level 6 for 9 years.