LPE exam procedure

The LPE exam assesses listening and speaking skills. Apart from general aviation-related English, the exam also addresses standard and non-standard RT phraseology required for effective communication with ground stations. Knowledge of aviation-related terminology is also assessed during the exam.

The LPE examination consists of:
Listening Test: a written test about an RT exchange;
Interview: an individual 30-minute interview in which a number of aviation-related topics are discussed, such as a live RT audio exchange, aviation-related pictures and video material. The interview is conducted by an operational expert, someone with an RT license and extensive knowledge and experience in that field; rating is done by a qualified English language expert experienced in aviation English.

Although Radio Telephony is part of the LPE exam, we would like to stress the fact that it is not an RT exam. Neither is it just an informal conversation about a holiday or a hobby, but it is an aviation-related exam of English proficiency.

Air-Comms tries to gear the exam to the candidate’s own experience as a pilot or air traffic controller as much as possible.

Assessment criteria (ICAO)

The candidate is assessed in accordance with the ICAO Rating Scale on pronunciation, structure, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and interaction. Level 4, Operational Level, is the minimum level required by EU/EASA, and level 6 the highest. The candidates that score level 4 or higher receive a certificate. The lowest score on any of the assessed items determines the final score.